Other Activities

Pet Therapy:  
This is an extremely satisfying activity for any Swissy owner with a dog temperamentally suited for this work. To see a Swissy bringing smiles to nursing home residents or children in a cancer ward is one of the most gratifying moments dog ownership can bring.
Therapy dogs must be properly trained and should be at least one year old. National organizations such as the Delta Society and many regional and local pet therapy organizations offer training and organize visits to nursing homes, hospitals and even prisons. This activity does not require any athletic ability from the dog or the handler but it can be often emotionally trying for the owner.

Assistance Dog
Because of their size, Swissys can be trained to assist disabled persons who rely on the height and strength of their canine helpers. Because of the breed's people oriented and generally mellow disposition, Swissys can become valuable companions for children with various kinds of mental and psychological challenges.
To date, two of our Swissy have become active assistance dogs. One is with a quadriplegic man who had Swissy before, the other one is in a family with a special needs child who has made great progress since the dog joined the family.

Search and Rescue:  
To date, only a few Swissys have been certified as SAR dogs. SAR training is offered by organizations such such as the American Rescue Dog Association ARDA and other local and regional SAR associations. SAR requires serious and long term commitment to regular and continuous training as well as maintaining a Swissy physically and mentally fit.
The most well known S&R Swissy is a cadaver dog belonging to a Rhode Island State Trooper.

Recreational Carting:
This is one of the most popular non competitive activities that can be done in the back yard or the neighborhood. Because of the breed's natural pulling instinct, training a Swissy to pull a cart, wagon or sled is relatively easy.
A basic level of obedience is necessary to have control of the dog at all times while harnessed to the equipment. Carts are easier to manoeuvre but wagons are more stable.
Make yourself familiar with the basic knowledge about drafting so that the experience will be fun for you and your Swissy from the beginning on.
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