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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs or "Swissys, Swissies" as they are also known will make good family companions if properly raised and trained. Early and intensive socialization is a must to mold a rambunctious puppy into the confident, reliable and friendly adult the GSMD breed is known for. Thanks to its mellow, affectionate and protective disposition, a well socialized and trained Swissy is quite easy to take care of and will make a loyal and loving family pet. If properly brought up, they are great with children of all ages, and if introduced and accustomed to from an early age on, they will get along well with smaller pets such as cats and small dogs as well as horses and farm animals such as chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep and cattle.

Originally bred as multi purpose farm dogs used for watching over the homestead and as outstanding draft dogs and able livestock drovers, GSMD will easily take to pulling carts, wagons and sleds and carrying back packs on hiking trips. Their protective but non menacing nature makes them very effective and impressive watch dogs. Because of their short double coat, grooming requirements are minimal.

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* In   ABOUT BRUSH CREEK, you find information about us, Brush Creek Farm and all the Swissys we currently co-own and sponsor, there is also a "Register of Merit" ROM section and we honor our past Swissys in "The Rainbow Bridge"
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Kiwi Calf Feeding System

The Kiwi Calf Feeding System is a simple, effective and economical feeding method for feeding young calves with milk or milk replacer. It consists of a heavy duty rubber nipple and a PVC tube set into plastic barrels or buckets.

Replacing calf hutches and individual bottle feeding with the Kiwi Calf feeding method will save time and reduce the incidence of death due to scours because the calves are reared in groups in a much larger area where they can move around freely. If grass is available, they will start to forage earlier than they would if confined to a hutch.

Click on the green shield below and visit our Kiwi Calf Feeding section for more information and on how to order this product.

About Us
Brush Creek Farm is located near the village of Phillipsburg in the Missouri Ozarks. It is a working cattle farm and the home of the Brush Creek Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and the nationwide sole vendor of the Kiwi Calf Feeding System.

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About This Site
Welcome to the Brush Creek Farm web site, we appreciate your visit! We hope that you find the information on both the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed and the Kiwi Calf Feeding System interesting, enjoyable and instructive.

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