Swissys and Kids

The author of the following article, Connie McLean, got her first Swissy puppy, Ch. Rina's Gandria of Brush Creek "Ria", in September 2000 when her son Alex was 16 months old. In November 2002, the McLeans added another Swissy girl, Brush Creeks Ohanna Landhof "Hanna".

The following article is the result of Connie's experience of successfully raising a toddler and a Swissy puppy together. Connie has done such an outstanding job that she has become our "resident expert" in all matters of raising a Swissy with a small child.

Click here for Connie's article

We are very grateful that Connie took the time to put her experience on paper so that future owners with small children who would like to add a Swissy to their family now have comprehensive guidelines to assist them in this challenging endeavor.

Connie, Ian and Alex and Swissys Ria and Hanna live in Le Claire IA.
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