GSMDCA Activities

Back Packing
This is the most popular of the 3 GSMDCA performance events because it does not require any intricate training of the dog, the equipment needed is minimal and organizing pack hikes is relatively easy. The major prerequisite for earning pack dog titles is the physical fitness of both the dog and the handler.
The competition consists of 10-mile hikes over varied terrain, either as a day hike covering the 10 miles or as a 2-day 5 miles per day with an "primitive" (no bathrooms, running water, electricity, etc.) overnight stay with the Swissy carrying between 20% and
30 % of its body weight in back backs.
Swissys must be at least 18 months old to participate in competition at the 20%  level and 24 months for the 30% level. The GSMDCA awards 3 titles: Novice Pack Dog, Working Pack Dog and Working Pack Dog Excellent.
Check the PDF file for Options and Rules for this event.

Weight Pulling
This is another popular Swissy performance event. Weight pulling consists of pulling a loaded wagon or sled on surfaces such as carpet, sand or snow over a total distance of 16 feet within a certain time limit. The weight is increased in increments and may reach in excess of 3000 lbs. The handler is not allowed to touch the dog but may voice and body language as encouragement.
GSMDCA sanctioned weight pulling is limited to dogs over 14 months, and only dogs older than 18months may compete
at the unlimited level. Between 14 and 18months, the weight is limited to 10 times of the dog's body weight.
The GSMDCA offers 3 titles; Working Weight Dog, Working Weight Dog Excellent and Working Weight Dog Superior.
GSMDCA sanctioned weight pulls are usually organized by regional Swissy clubs who have a member owning the necessary equipment (wagon, HD utility carpet) and the transportation to haul wagon and carpet to to pull site.
Check the PDF file for the GSMDCA Weight Pull Rules

As a draft breed, most Swissys still have a strongly developed instinct for pulling. Recreational carting, i.e. pulling the kids around in the yard or participating in a parade, requires a solid basic obedience level so that the dog remains under control at all time while harnessed to the wagon or cart.
Competitive draft is not yet an AKC recognized sport, hence most draft breeds, including the GSMDCA, have their own draft regulations and titles. Swissys may occasionally compete in draft tests of other breeds which turn may enter Swissy draft tests. Competitive draft requires serious training in order to be successful in draft tests that basically test the obedience and draft skills of the dog as well as the handling skills of the handler.
The GSMDCA offers 5 titles: Novice Draft Dog, Draft Dog, Novce Brace Draft Dog, Brace Draft Dog and Master Draft Dog.
Check the PDF file for Competitive Drafting, a Judge's Perspective

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