Because of the character and temperament of the breed, puppies will need early and intensive socialization and training in order to develop into a well adjusted adult. Depending on the individual owner's situation, i.e. single, adults without children and families with kids, the socialization and training process can be approached in many different ways:

In order to familiarize the pup with new situations and people, take it out to the park, your kids' ball games, the supermarket parking lot, to a pet store that allows pets to visit, to a friend's house, etc., as often as you can.

To get the pup comfortable around other dogs, enroll it in puppy classes at an obedience training center. These classes offer excellent opportunity for the pup to interact with other dogs and to pick up a few basic obedience skills

To achieve a higher level of good manners and obedience, attend at least a couple of regular obedience classes, they are usually open for dogs over 6 months. Remember, it might be cute when your 25 lbs Swissys jumps up on you but it definitely is not anymore when your pup has grown into a 120-lbs adult! Also, continuous socialization with other dogs is very important for the balanced development of your Swissy. Note: If all possible, shop around for obedience instruction. Ask for references and talk to people who have attended classes. Like in any other field, there is a wide variation in the quality of these services.

Take the puppy to fun matches organized by local dog clubs, and from 6 months on, you can enter it in AKC conformation shows. These events provide many of the socialization elements, such as lots of unfamiliar people, dogs, smells and noises.

The ultimate goal of socialization and basic good manners training is to end up with a confident and well behaved adult Swissy who is a joy and pleasure to live with for all family members, small or big, young or old.
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