The AKC Standard:
The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America developed this standard in the format required by the AKC and following the previous GSMDCA and an old version of the FCI standards. This standard has been in use since the breed was recognized by the AKC on July 1, 1995. In 2001, the standard was revised and after verification by the AKC, approved by the general membership in September 2002. The revised standard was ratified by the AKC in April 2003 and will remain in effect until the GSMDCA deems another revision to be in the best interest of an up to date description in the best interest of the breed (standards can be revised every 5 years).

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The FCI Standard:
This standard was developed by the Swiss Swissy club under the auspices of the Swiss Kennel Club on request from and following the format proscribed by the FCI, the "Federation Internationale Cynologique". The FCI is the umbrella organization for most national kennel clubs other than national organizations such as the AKC and the British KC. The FCI approved the current Swissy standard in March 2003

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There are some significant differences between the two standards. Both the FCI and the AKC require a certain format from their member clubs, which is evident when comparing the two documents. Overall, the FCI standard is more detailed and more precise in certain areas. However, some of the most obvious shortcomings of the AKC standard have now been corrected and the new version is closer to the FCI document and hence more accurately describes the breed, which, after all, originated in Switzerland.

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