Pet Health Insurance

In view of the ever rising cost of pet health care, often due to the increasingly sophisticated levels of veterinary services now readily available in many areas, we strongly recommend to our puppy owners to consider enrolling their Swissy family companion in a pet health insurance plan. There are a number of these fee for service plans available, with various options for coverage, deductibles, coverage amounts and annual or monthly premiums..

Since many diseases in pure breed dogs are considered as hereditary by insurers, make sure to choose a plan that covers such illnesses. Often, pre-existing conditions are not covered, either and certain breeds of dogs are insured at higher premiums only. In Swissys, the most common defects that may be determined to be inherited by health plan providers are: OCD in the shoulders and other joints, hip and elbow dysplasia, ocular defects such as distichia, entropion and cataracts, certain seizure disorders, etc. Since not all insurers disclose these important details on their web sites, it is advisable to call the insurance and have them explain the complete terms and all the limitations of their services and then get these details in writing.

The web site  Pet Insurance Review offers an excellent overview of 10 pet insurance plans available in the US, including price comparisons between plans, user ratings and reviews and contact information. It also explains how pet insurance works and offers tips on how to get quotes, select an insurer, make a claim and save money on pet health care


At this time, the following two insurance companies get the highest rating from Pet Insurance Review based on policy owner reviews:


But remember, ratings can change, so make sure to base your decision on the most current reviews.
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