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Litter 1

Note: All puppies have been placed

Litter delivered by c-section: June 6, 2022

Number of puppies: 5 males, 2 females

Sire: Ch. TreeNSea Don't Tread on Gilbert of Brush Creek  "Gilbert"

Dam: Brush Creek's Klaudine of Landhof "Kip"

Breeders:  Brigitte Rhinehart, Jessica Kalupa & Kathleen Borgmeyer

Registered names: Landhof's S... of Brush Creek

Release date: Starting August 1, 2022

Comment:  We did not plan this litter, Gilbert totally fooled us :) He has always been very predictable in that he only started to show interest in any girl in season when according to the progesterone tests, she was very close to or already had ovulated. Furthermore, he never showed the slightest interest in Kip but went bonkers over another girl - his own daughter - that was in heat at the same time. Because we separated him him early on and because of his disinterest in Kip, we don't know when this dalliance happened but suspect just shortly before we removed him.
The result of this unexpected fling were 7 healthy and vigorous puppies delivered by c-section on June 6. This is Kip's 2nd litter with Gilbert.

Update 6-13-22:  The puppies are one week old today and are doing very well. They are quite uniform in size and have caught up the weight they lost during the first couple of days until Kip's milk came fully in. Kip is a devoted mother that makes sure the  babies are in the right place every time she lays down to nurse and clean them. Canine moms accidentally laying on and squashing  a puppy especially during the first few days sadly is a common breeder heartbreak.

Update 6-20-22:  At 2 weeks, the puppies have easily doubled their birth weight, they are now between 2 1/2 and 3 lbs. Their eyes have opened and they are getting more mobile.
As always at 2 weeks, the puppies got their first round of biweekly dose of dewormer. All puppies are born with roundworm passed on by the mother while they are in the womb, these parasites have a quite intriguing life cycle Roundworms in dogs & puppies  we also use a coccidia preventive as coccidiosis is another very common intestinal infection that is often self-limiting in adults but can cause severe diarrhea in young puppies Coccidiosis in Dogs

Update 6-30-22:  The puppies turned 3 weeks on the 27th and are growing in leaps and bounds, they are now about 3.2 lbs on average.
We usually start the messy weaning process at 3 weeks but because Kip is such an excellent mother with an abundance of milk, the pups were not really interested in trying out the weaning mush of baby rice, milk replacer, yogurt and pumpkin paste. But finally today, they figured out that mom's food supply was not enough to keep them full around the clock so they all started to lap up the soupy mix quite enthusiastically.

Update 7-4-22:  Today is the puppies' 4-week birthday. There are actually 3 historical dates between birth and 8 weeks: They were born on June 6, 78 years after D-Day, they turn 4 weeks on Independence Day and will be 8 weeks old on August 1, the National Day of Switzerland, the country of origin of the breed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_National_Day
They continue to do very well and are now fully on solid food. But because Kip is such a devoted mother and still lets them nurses several times a day, they are not yet on the full ration for puppies at this age and size, they now average 4.8 lbs
Tomorrow is the big move for Kip and the babies, they'll travel the 20 miles to Marshfield MO to our longtime Swissy breeder friend Mary Beth Usery and Kip's co-owner Jessica Kalupa where the pups will stay until we start to release them starting on July 30.

Update 7-12-22:  At 5 weeks on July 11, the puppies weigh almost 7 lbs on average. They have settled well into their new surroundings and  have adjusted to the different setup and schedule.
Instead of slowly letting go of her babies - they are fully weaned and really do not need mom anymore - Uber-mom Kip has become the foster mother for 9 puppies whose mom had barely any milk even 8 days after the pups were born by c-section. Kip accepted them right away and lets them nurse and takes care of them as if they were her own. She still had plenty of milk after 4 weeks of feeding her own brood and actually started to produce more once she began feeding the 9 foster babies every few hours.

Update 7-18-22:  With so much fun, time is really flying, in a short 2 weeks, the puppies will all head out to join their new families!
In true Swissy fashion, they play very hard and then flop down and nap, napping usually takes up more time than playing  :)  They are all fairly even tempered, with some more rambunctious and others more laid back as you can see in the dropbox folder   Kip litter #3 videos



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